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Fan Proximity Marketing

UNLOCKED.MEDIA introduces a new digital media distribution marketplace – “INSTORE” demand Creation.

UNLOCKED.MEDIA delivers music, videos and other media to fans for free and pays the artist/media creator/owner in the process.

UNLOCKED.MEDIA is about fans – fans who want to be in direct contact with their favorite artists, sports heroes, TV characters, movie stars, and game icons. Fans are us.

A series of original media is delivered directly to UNLOCKED.MEDIA brand-able mobile apps – branded by artist and sponsored by retailers. The branded apps are always free to fans on Apple’s app store and Google Play.

UNLOCKED.MEDIA provides custom apps (or our SDK) at no charge for participating artists. All downloaded fan media is stored and accessed on the app in the fan’s private and secure media locker. UNLOCKED.MEDIA stores and plays artist media. Think iTunes fused with iMusic.

Free, specially produced artist media is delivered to fans at specific store locations at set times and remote controlled by geo-fenced, retail-located iBeacons (GPS) and Bluetooth Smart (BLE low energy) that are available in today’s mobile devices.

Fans get special artist media – its always free – bringing fans and artists closer together.

Artists get paid from a new revenue stream.

Artists establish valuable, ongoing new relationships with fans.

Retailers get more store traffic. Stores only pay for audited foot traffic.

The media supply is unlimited and never runs out (until the offer expires).